Unaccounted For - 259 Members

Last Updated: 9/16/2014 10:00AM

Classmates listed here are those we need contact information for. If all you know is how to contact a person listed here just say so. We'll remove them from the list and contact you when it's time to fill in the blanks.

Alexander, Donna
Alling, David
Anders, Kenneth
Anderson, Michael
Andersons, Jekabs
Arendt, Marilou
Atherton, Margaret
Baldt, Michael
Banning, Diane
Bard, Jacqueline
Barile, Michael
Bertram, Gabriele
Bickford, Karen
Bickley, John
Blake, Charles
Boland, Barbara
Boll, Patricia
Boris, Steven
Botti, Richard
Bride, James
Broderick, Teresa
Brook, Jr., George
Brugnetti, Alfred
Bujak, Robert
Burke, James
Camacho, Elizabeth (Christina?)
Cameron, June
Carelli, Linda
Carlson, Bruce
Carlson, Joel
Carlson, Kristine
Chamberlain, Gregory
Chambers, Carol-Ann
Chandler, Susan
Chapin, John
Chapin, Thomas
Chapman, Carol
Chevrette, Nancy
Childs, John
Chokas, Richard
Clark(e) ?, Joseph
Cohen, Gayle
Connolly, Kevin
Cooper, Pamela
Cormier, Christine
Crawford, Gail
Crowell, Virginia
Cunningham, Sandra
Cutts, Elsa
Dawood, Elizabeth
DeCioccio, Zoe
DeMerchant, Janice
DePlante, Mae
DesRosier, Dean
Dey, Dorothy
DiCioccio, John
Doenges, James
Donadio, Anna
Doran, Michael
Douton, Sheila
Dowds, Patricia
Downes, Marie or Olita (?)
DuBois, Cheryl
Dunlap, Stephen
Duva, Laurie
Dvorak, Michael
Dwire, Joann
Dynes, David
Farrell, Patricia
Fazzina, Constance
Fields, Sharon
Firnstahl, Barbara
Fleishman, Judith
Fontana, Diane
Friedenburg, Ellen
Funk, Beverly
Girardin, Richard
Godin, Claudia
Gower, Rick
Gowett, Edward
Graham, Jon
Greene, Bradford
Grey, Margaret
Haberern, Carolyn
Harris, Deborah
Hayden, Mike
Heikkila, Carl
Henderson, Dale
Hettinger, Jo-Ann
Hickey, Mary
Higgins, Carol
Howard, Michele
Hunt, Judy
Hunter, Betsy
Hurley, Pamela
Hyson, William
Isleib, Deborah
Ivaldi, John
Jackston, Robert
Jacobs, Alison
Jacobs, Clayton
Jacobs, Rita
Jaworski, Kenneth
Jones, Donna
Jutras, Michael
Kaminski, Linda
Kanehl, Karen
Karp, Jane
Kasel, Stephen
Keeney, Steven
King, Ann
Kivimae, Karl
Klavins, Anna
Knybel, Sandra
Koiva, Thomas
Kolodziej, Diane
Kosciol, Catherine
Krewalk, Edward
Kuntz, Steve
Kurtz, Paul
Kutcher, Michael
L'Heureux, Mary
LaBelle, Ronald
Lance, Kevin
LaPine, James
Lassen, Robert
Lavine, Stanley
Laws, James
Lippo, James
Litke, Nancy
Lopes, William
Lorenzen, Paul
Lupacchino, Marsha
MacGregor, Robert
Mackey, Louis
MacLean, Susan
Macomber, Nancy
Mahoney, John
Malek, Jane
Mangun, Mark
Marshall, William
Matte, Laura
Matushak, Joanne
Mayer, Stephen
McCorkhill, Cynthia
McIntosh, Stephen
McLafferty, Susan
McNeill, Cynthia
Mello, Frances
Meronovich, Denise
Messier, Lillian
Miller, Kimberly
Miller, Kristine
Mitrevics, Iveta
Mohr, William
Moroney, Richard
Morrissette, Paul
Murphey, Richard
Muschko, Betty
Naretto, Patricia
Negro, George
Neubelt, Kathleen
Newton, Gary
Nixon, Edward
Nukis, Robert
O'Connor, John
O'Meara, James
Olijnyk, Vera
Osborne, Kenneth
Pabst, Martha
Pagani, Barry
Page, Jill
Paige, Kenneth
Palleschi, Michael
Paoli, William
Papineau, Diane
Paradis, Audrey
Parandes, Dana
Parsons, Kenneth
Pass, Anne
Patten, Richard
Pease, Susan
Peck, Robert
Penny, Jane
Perkins, Carol
Perotti, Mary
Petteway, Michael
Pierson, Nancy
Popple, Deborah
Radding, Paula
Rawlinitis, Mari-Jo
Richloff, Paul
Ridyard, James
Rivers, Joyce
Rizza, Joseph
Robbins, Dale
Robert, Eileen
Roberts, Scott
Robertson, Edward
Rogers, Brian
Roginka, Jo-Ann
Roglis, Shirley
Rollinson, Clinton
Ross, Susan
Rouleau, Mary-Ann
Rowett, Steven
Rubins, Nancy
Ruggles, Linda
Russell, Jonathan
Satterfield, Keith
Savoie, Louis
Schaller, Linda
Schiller, Joan
Schussler, Michael
Scott, Charles
Sedlacek, David
Shannon, John
Shorts, Holly
Sibrinsz, Leslie
Simes, Gail
Sirois, Donna
Slogesky, Anthony
Smith, Donald
Smith, Robert
Smith, Stephen
Spiron, Janet
Squadrito, Thomas
Stankiewicz, Paul
Starrett, Sharon
Steullet, Anthony
Stevens, Timothy
Stibinger, Darlene
Stolarczuk, Pamela
Strickland, Richard
Strickland, William
Sturtevant, Patricia
Sullivan, Marcelle
Sullivan, Patricia
Surdek, Jane
Sylvester, Patricia
Symons, Loretta
Thibodeau, Michele
Thompson, Carol
Titus, Robin
Troutman, Diane
Ullrich, Pamela
Vaccaro, Janet
Walsh, Kevin
Weatherby, Craig
Welsh, Randall
Werstler, Kenneth
Wheeler, James
Wiese, Brenda
Wiganowske, Wayne
Williams, Mark
Wilson, Mary Ann
Wirta, Donna
Zaremba, Frank
Zemaitis, Deborah

News & Info

Manchester High School Class of 1970 - Contact Us!

We need to rebuild our contact database for our class. You can help by updating your contact information and also sharing information about fellow classmates. There is several ways to do that. We prefer to recieve the information in this order of preference:

  1. Fill out this form for yourself or anyone you know. http://www.manchester1970.com/update-member-data
  2. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., send us an email with your information or for any known classmates information who are now on the "Unaccounted For" list.
  3. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/603708469662285/  This is a good way to stay in touch BUT we still NEED your email address.
  4. Phone: 860-531-8870, this is our dedicated phone number. Call us and leave a message, this is an message service only. Please let us know if your address is correct. Update us if not. Leave any other pertiinent information.

We'd really, really like email addresses for classmates as that is a cheap and fast way to keep everyone informed. We hope we don't have to do much USPS mailing. If you're on Facebook check out our class Facebook page listed above.