Unaccounted For - 63 Members

Last Updated: 1/12/2015 2:00PM

Classmates listed here are those we need contact information for. If you know how to contact a person listed here please fill out the form or have them do it. Thank you.

Alexander, Donna
Beaulieu, Juliette
Blake, Charles
Carelli, Linda
Carlson, Joel
Chamberlain, Gregory
Chambers, Carol-Ann
Chapman, Carol
Childs, John
Cohen, Gayle
Crawford, Gail
Cunningham, Sandra
Cutts, Elsa
Fleishman, Judith
Friedenburg, Ellen
Godin, Claudia
Grey, Margaret
Harris, Deborah
Hekkila, Carl
Henderson, Dale
Higgins, Carol
Hunt, Judy
Ivaldi, John
Kanehl, Karen
Karp, Jane
Koiva, Thomas
Kuntz, Steve
Letourneau, Patrick
MacGregor, Robert
Majewski, Sharon
McCorkhill, Cynthia
McLafferty, Susan
Miller, Kimberly
Murphy, Richard
Olijnyk, Vera
Osborne, Kenneth
Paige, Kenneth
Papineau, Diane
Pease, Susan
Perotti, Mary
Petteway, Michael
Quey, Jaqueline
Rivers, Joyce
Robert, Eileen
Robertson, Edward
Schiller, Joan
Schussler, Michael
Shannon, John
Sirois, Donna
Smith, Donald
Spiron, Janet
Starrett, Sharon
Stibinger, Darlene
Sturtevant, Patricia
Sylvester, Patricia
Symons, Loretta
Titus, Robin
Troutman, Diane
Ullrich, Pamela
Vaccaro, Janet
Welsh, Randall
Wheeler, James
Wiese, Brenda

News & Info

Reunion News Jan. 2015

It's a new year and we're back to putting the finishing touches on a great event. One we hope will make you curioius enough and comfortable enough to want to risk attending. We'll keep you up to date by our email newsletter and that won't be too frequent.

Over the last year we've accomplished a lot. Starting with only about 50 classmembers in our database out of approximately 610 graduated, that number seems to vary, we set about the search process to find the rest. We've located about 500 and, sadly, discovered that 56 members are deceased. We're still looking for about 80.

Our next goal is to get as many of the interested classmates to connect via email. This will make it a lot easier to communicate and, when the time comes, to setup the registration pages for any events. Obviously, since you are reading this you may not be one of those we need to move over to electronic connection. If you haven't then update us by clicking here.

This being a time of technology and social networks many classmates have connected on our class Facebook page. There are 105 registered there, not all are '70 members. Much of the reunion discussion and idea generation begins there. Not everyone is on Facebook and for those who may want to connect with other classmates you can register for this website. There are 89 classmates registered on the website. At this point we have about 175 classmates email addresses. That's pretty good but 300 would be nice.

We've said it before but we'll say it again, we won't share your information with anybody without your permission. If you want to contact someone who our data shows we have contact information for then we are going to ask them first. The same goes for anyone who wants to contact you, we'll ask you first. If you are registered on the class website you can email anyone there but it will show your current email but not theirs. If you are on Facebook that is public to the extent your current settings allow.

From time to time we hold group conference calls for planning purposes. Everyone is welcome to join in. The details for that conference call are made available in a separate email which you will have to ask to be added to if you aren't on it already.


We're on Holiday Break!

We're taking a break. As most know this past fall we made our first mailing to classmates. We mailed out over 600 postcards to addresses we had or found for classmates. Many came back so we searched some more and mailed again. Fewer came back this time and we're working on this last batch of about 15 names. Of course, we may have an accurate name and address but for the wrong person. A person with the same name and those don't come back. That's why the class phone number is on the postcard and we did get one phone call in this regard. We received quite a number of contacts through both this website and the class Facebook page. Thank you! If you contacted us it was received.


Manchester High School Class of 1970 - Contact Us!

We need to rebuild our contact database for our class. You can help by updating your contact information and also sharing information about fellow classmates. There is several ways to do that. We prefer to recieve the information in this order of preference:

  1. Fill out this form for yourself or anyone you know. http://www.manchester1970.com/update-member-data
  2. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., send us an email with your information or for any known classmates information who are now on the "Unaccounted For" list.
  3. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/603708469662285/  This is a good way to stay in touch BUT we still NEED your email address.
  4. Phone: 860-531-8870, this is our dedicated phone number. Call us and leave a message, this is an message service only. Please let us know if your address is correct. Update us if not. Leave any other pertiinent information.

We'd really, really like email addresses for classmates as that is a cheap and fast way to keep everyone informed. We hope we don't have to do much USPS mailing. If you're on Facebook check out our class Facebook page listed above.