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with all life's curves and twists

Nearly a decade of serving in the Peace Corps has come to a close. This newsletter will attempt to tie those experiences together on how they have impacted my life. I'll conclude with an update on my current life. If there's one takeaway I got from all my experiences, it's that attitude, my attitude, was what left the deepest impression on people. As a life-experienced volunteer (LEV), I was not bright-eyed in thinking I was going to change the world. All I could do was to make a sincere effort in the spirit of volunteerism to pursue the Peace Corps mission of helping those I worked with improve their lives and skills, share American culture with my hosts, and share my host culture with Americans. I tried to keep a positive attitude when interacting with my hosts, and to my surprise, toward the end of my service in host countries found that this attitude had been noticed more than anything else I had shared or done. Did I have bad days? You better believe it. But it was my responsibility to pull myself back up. I've also come to the decision that I will no longer waste time interacting with people who have negative attitudes. This is different than having problems and difficulties in life. Most of us do have difficulties; however, I will limit the time I spend with those who consistently view the world through a lens of their lives, problems and misfortunes being the result of external factors. Note the word consistently. No, my lens is not rose-colored. However, I will continue to search for the positives in life -- that decision was made long before the pandemic came to dominate our lives.

A Sense of Community and Positiveness

Wednesday, 20 May 2015 20:45

Paul and Kathy Koehler DodgeWow - 45 years have flown past. I imagine it feels that way for most of us. I know 65 sure doesn’t sound as old when you are 62 as it did when I was 18.

As some of you would have guessed in HS, Kathy and I did get married, and after 41 years, surprisingly, she hasn’t killed my yet! (That is more a comment about me than a comment about her cooking.) We have bounced around the country; 5 years in Chicago, 12 in Greenville, SC, 5 in San Antonio, 10 in Dallas, and now 7 in Denver. Along the way we had 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren who live in Tucson and Portland (OR).

We won’t go into further detail here…we need to leave something to talk about at the reunion.

Sunday, 26 April 2015 13:50

From the front pages of our Somanhis:

somanhisPage2Have you ever gazed into your mind and found there; The world below the world of seeing, which is above the world of existence

This is some bad science right here. A chemistry class gone wrong.



Their motions move me to shut my mind to ignore the imidations to deny their direction. Drawing into myself to hear a symphony of silence

Imidations? Never heard of them. Did you do them all or you got some left? One looks like it's pretty good.


Energy rampages through my mind shouting exultantly of motility, I am hurled upward grasping for air and return to earth, vacated.

Vacated? I think what is being described here is you had some bad meatloaf from the cafeteria and finally farted...Bang!...some relief...vacated! Pretend it wasn't you! That's what study halls are for.

Monday, 13 April 2015 21:15


wúwéi is about effortless action, although the lilteral translation is non-action. Realize who you are and let go. Be yourself.

Hi MHS Class of 70,

It's been a long time since I sent out a newsletter. Too much has happened during the past half year to give a full account of what's transpired. This update will be just a short snapshot of some of the highlights of my ongoing adventure. I've tried to strike a balance with 1) background info on what I'm doing 2) how I'm growing and what I'm learning 3) Peace Corps information 4) Chinese culture.

Larry Kahn

Sunday, 12 April 2015 13:38

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