Activity and Event Suggestions


The Party Planning Committee is on the job!

The following is a list suggestions we've received for possible activities and events. Sunday and Monday may be the best days for this. Perhaps if there is interest we can break out into groups and pursue these. In a few months we'll turn our attention to organizing this.

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Event Planning for the Manchester High School Class of 1970 Reunion

  1. Attend MHS football game.
  2. Organize meetups of grammar school reunions.
  3. Visit the elementarty schools we attended.
  4. Corn maze in Vernon.
  5. Hayride at Edmondson's Farm in Coventry.
  6. Cabaret! An open mic night/talent show. "70's Got Talent".
  7. Morning run of the Manchester Thanksgiving Day race route.
  8. Sunday morning breakfast.
  9. Foliage trip to somewhere?
  10. Mini Golf.