Fall Foliage Bicycle Ride

Hop River Rail Trail - Monday, October 17 - 10:00 AM.

Who: Classes of 1970 and 1971 combined.

What: Bike Ride, 13 mile round trip.

When: 10:00AM

Where: Interesection of Parker Street and Colonial Road

Map Link: Trailhead Parking Lot

Hop River Rail Trail, Vernon, CTThis ride will be at a leisurely pace along a rail trail with minimum incline to the hills.

Hop River Rail Trail, Vernon, CTThis was an excellent event at our 45th reunion. It was a glorius sunny October day to be outdoors. The ride took us through our gentle Connecticut hills. Since it was engineered by the railroad to have a minimum elevation grade change it is easy going.

Bolton Notch State Park, Bolton, CTThe plan is to take the Hop River Rail Trail 6.3 miles out to Bolton Notch State Park and then return along the same route to our starting point at the trailhead parking lot at the intersection of Parker Street and Colonial Road in Manchester.

Following our ride many of us will go to Shady Glen and enjoy a lunch in their new picnic grove.

Tunnel Road, Vernon, CT

Fall Foliage Bike Ride Map