Fall Hike - Case Mountain

Fall Hike Up Case Moutain

Hartford from Case Mountain
The gentle hills of Connecticut is a landscape built for fall. As soon as the sharp crisp air of autumn arrives in the morning, chimneys give off their first puff, apple-picking season begins, the leaves burst into glorius color of reds, oranges, and yellows. Fall in Connecticut is a memorable experience with no better way to experience it than to be out on a hike. We have two that have been suggested and they are both outstanding fall hikes.

Case Mountain - Saturday Afternoon - Time TBA

Case Mountain, Manchester, CTIf you don't know Case Mountain then you're not from Manchester. This is now a popular recreational area. We're scheduling this hike for Saturday as an alternative to those for whom the pool tournament does not hold much interest. A good time for this hike may be right after the MHS cafeteria breakfast. Give us your input.

A hike to the top of the mountain, if you can call it a mountain, would be fairly easy. Assuming it's a clear and crisp fall day the view of the Connecticut River valley should be worth the effort.