Saturday 8-Ball Shootout 1:00 PM

8-Ball Pool Tournament

We will be hosting an 8-ball tournament on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 PM.

The location is World Championship Billiards.

171 Spencer Street, Mancester, CT 06040 Phone: 860-647-1711

If you played pool in Manchester in the 1960's then you may have played at "The Dugout". A dark underground cave, no windows, and the only lights came from the vending machines and the lights above the tables. When someone walked in from the outside letting the light of day in people shielded their eyes like Dracula. It was awesome! No matter if you hung out there or not, all the pool halls in Manchester had a certain grittiness to them that was an acquired taste. World Championship Billiards is like stepping back in time to the glory days of pool halls during the 1960's. And for more reasons than the ambience!

Larry Lisciottie third from left.
Larry Lisciotti 3rd from left.

If you played pool in Manchester during the 1960's then you know the name Larry Lisciotti. He was a Manchester kid who went on to become world champion. He was talented in many sports but his exploits and adventures as a professional pool player and pool hustler are legendary and well documented. He is an inductee of the Manchester Sports Hall of Fame. Read more about The Dugout and Larry Lisciotti in this piece of local history written by Californian and Manchester native Laudizen King. Very interesting ->click here<-.

The connection to World Championship Billiards is that this fine establishment is owned and managed by two of Larry Lisciotti's children. Son Lance and his twin sister. Members of the reunion committee visited the place on Saturday, Sept. 12. We weren't there 5 minutes when we knew this is going to be a fun time. Not only is there a connection to the owners but some of the regulars there had connections to us as well.

A rough and tumble environment that may not be suitable for ladies and gentlemen.

We'll meet there at 1:00 PM.

World Championship Billiards