Music and Playlists

About Music and Playlists at the 50th reunion.

1960's Playlist
At our 45th reunion we were treated to music provided by a band comprised of classmates. It was great! For our 50th we'd like to allow the band members to socialize a little more. They worked hard rehearsing and spent most of their time performing. We are going with a new plan for this reunion. The band will provide a short set of music but most of the night the music will be playlists on a mobile device provided by a classmate. Here's our thinking.

  • Plan A: We thought of hiring a band but we are concerned about sound volume. We don't want to have music so loud you can't have a conversation.
  • Plan B: We considered a DJ but the same question of volume came up plus we were concerned about song selection.
  • Plac C: The "class" band plays a short set with the rest of the night's music coming from playlists on mobile devices where we can control the sound volume.

So we decided on Plan C. We invite any classmate who is interested to prepare and submit a 45 minute playlist for consideration. Put together a playlist of your choosing. Perhaps work around these genres:

  • Rock
  • Psychedelic
  • Motown
  • Pop/Top 40
  • Blues
  • British Invasion

More information on how to submit your list will be forthcoming. Have fun with it!