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The 50th class reunion of MHS '70 is postponed for one year. This is due to uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Questions about a second surge in the fall, the differences in infection rates around the US, how inclined classmates may be toward air travel, how inclined classmates may be toward socializing with others from a wide range of locations, and what local conditions might be cannot be answered at this time. We know that some classmates were in need of making plans and wanted a decision. For the most part we listened to classmates who even in the best of times have health concerns that lead them to be cautious. For some classmates the only answer that matters is whether there is a vaccine? This is our 50th reunion. We get one chance at it. We don't want to exclude anyone for health reasons arising from this pandemic. So now it's the 51st reunion. It is our sincere hope that in one year this situation will be improved to the point where all can attend in safety. We are saddened to have to postpone, we all looked forward to the reunion, but that all changed with the pandemic.

Thursday, 07 May 2020 21:37

The World Is Temporarily Closed

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. As of this writing there is little certainty about what the next couple of months will bring. Like everyone we look forward to having this all behind us.

The reunion committee has targeted the month of July as a time to consider a decision on whether or not to postpone. We have an eye on organizations larger than ours that have a lot more at stake and will put more effort and resources into the decision to open or close. We consider them to be bellwether organizations. We are watching to see if MHS returns to normal classes. Also will professional sports start to fill their stadiums again this fall. What will air travel be like? Of course we are watching daily for the latest information on the pandemic from scientists, doctors, epidemiologists, and public officials.

What's happening in your part of the world? Let us know of anything we should take into consideration when making a decision. We will reach out again in a few weeks.

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This Isn't Forever, It's Just Right Now

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Class of 1970 Gift to MHS

Thank you for considering contributing to the MHS Class of 1970 gift to Manchester High School. Following our reunion and considering our needs for our 50th reunion the reunion committee along with participating class officers and after soliciting the opinion of several classmates has decided to make a gift to MHS on behalf of the class of 1970 in the amount of $1000.00. After consulting with MHS as to their needs they suggested outdoor furniture for student use in the quadrangle. Their thought is that 6 tables and 6 benches would be best. Each costs $800.00 for a total of $4800.00. That's considerably more than we think we can raise. However, if we could do half of that it would be a successful fundraiser.Manchester High School Quadrangle

$45 For 45 Years!

We are suggesting a donation of $45. That's $1 for each year since graduation. $45 for 45!

MHS was such a positive experience and shaped our lives in ways that maybe we can only begin to appreciate at this stage of our lives. This is an opportunity to say thank you and directly contribute to the next generation of MHS students. Who knows what stories in their lives will have their begining on those tables and benches? They will have to hold reunions for the retelling and figure out how they can contribute to the next generation.

Deadline for contributions is April 16, 2016. The day after tax deadline. Need a tax write-off? Here you go.

Want to donate more...go for it! Make a difference!

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