Sunday, 09 October 2022 08:45

As part of the Sunday night festivities at Elicit Brewing, Phil Spillane will be hosting an open mic / sing along event. All types of performers are invited to share their talents. All types of performances are welcome, including music, poetry, stand-up, story telling, or whatever. There will be printed Beatles lyrics if anyone wants to sing with Phil accompanying on guitar. There will be a "house guitar" or you can bring your own. Let's have some fun!

Monday, 08 August 2022 20:28

We are combining with the class of 1971 for golf and have worked out the details together. Golf will be held on Friday, October 14. Most likely in the morning. We won't know tee times until we get closer to the date. It is important that we start to get an idea on the number of those interested. We have a signup for here -->Click Here<--

You can sign up for yourself or for a party of more than one. We will post a list of those who are playing to generate interest so please sign up when now.

Payment will be worked out as we get closer. Once we announce the payment requirements you will have to commit. Once you commit you will be expected to pay whether you have to cancel or not. These are golf course rules.

Friday, 24 June 2022 12:18

Pages that have more than one column of data such as the Unaccounted For page may only display one column. It depends on how you hold your phone. Turn it sideways and all columns should display. Let us know if you're having problems.

Here's 2 examples.