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Sunday, October 11, - 1:00 PM

Meet at 126 Cedar Street, The Old Manchester MuseumCheney Mills, photo by Sue Barlow

We're flummoxed! The Manchester Historical Society has scheduled their excellent walking tour of the Cheney Historic District for Saturday, Oct. 10. They did this last time and then changed it. They were kind enough to host a private event for us. We will have to put this on hold, talk to them about the schedule, and make firm plans for Saturday or Sunday. Saturday conflicts with plans we already have. We're flummoxed.

Note: There is a $5 suggested donation for the Cheney Homestead and Old Manchester Museum.

The Sunday afternoon activity was originally a guided tour of the Cheney Historic District that was scheduled for our reunion weekend by Manchester Historical Society. Due to conflicts with other events this day it had to be rescheduled for the following weekend. So we're going to Plan B. There are some interesting events going on and some exhibits to visit.

The Cheney Silk Mills played such a large role in the history and development of Manchester as well as the lives of our grandparents, parents, and our lives. Some of our parents emigrated from overseas to work in the Cheney Mills. How many of you really know much about the details? If you are interested in learning more here's a suggestion for a plan. We've been in touch with members of the Manchester Historical Society and they are willing to accomodate any reasonable request to make our visit more interesting.

Old Manchester Museum with David K. SmithThe Manchester Historical Society is hosting two open events on this day that may be of interest. They are the Old Manchester Museum and the Cheney Homestead. Also housed in the Old Manchester Museum is the Manchester Sports Hall of Fame.

The Old Manchester Museum is located in an 1859 schoolhouse at 126 Cedar Street. It will be open from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM. According to their website it contains "collections of maps, artifacts, exhibits of Pitkin glass, Cheney silk, art, military items, and more." Visit the society's page for this exhibit by clicking here. Curator David K. Smith is pictured here.

In the first half of the 1970's there was a regular column in the Manchester Evening Herald entitled The Old Codgers Cogitations. This was an interesting oral style history of a time in Manchester as experienced by the writer. It had a really nice rythm and feel to the narration as the writer, in one series of articles, took you on a walk along the Hop Brook long before Charter Oak Park was built and a time when trout lived in its waters. These articles were compiled in a book entitled The Story Tellers by Milton K Adams. That book and others are available for sale at the museum. Milton K. Adams is the father of classmate Paige Adams.

Cheney Homestead, Manchester, CT 06040The Cheney Homestead is located at 106 Hartford Road and will also be open from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM. The event is described as "View this 1785 house at 106 Hartford Road, and hear commentary about the residence, which was donated to the Manchester Historical Society in 1968 for use as a house museum. Guided tours include history of the building and its contents, and of the family who lived there. The Keeney Schoolhouse is on the grounds of the Homestead, and is open when the weather is warm enough."

Keeney Schoolhouse, Manchester, CTClick here for details on the Cheney Homestead and Keeney Schoolhouse.

The Manchester Historical Society has offered to arrange for The Fire Museum to be opened for us. It is located at the old Cheney Fire Station at 230 Pine Street. They do have some interesting exhibits there. You can read about it on the Manchester Historical Society's page by clicking here. You can also go directly to The Fire Museum's webpage by clicking here. Manchester Fire Museum, Manchester, CT

If you are interested in the Cheney Historic District you go on a self-guided walking tour. You can visit this page here for general information, click here. You can view a map of the district with points of interest by clicking here.

Cheney Historic District Map, Manchester, CT 06040