Elicit Brewing Meetup


Elicit Brewing, 165 Adams St, Manchester, CT 06042

Elicit Brewing Meetup 4:30 PM

Peter Adams Paper Mill, Manchester, CT 06040

Elicit Brewing will host a meetup for beer, wine, great food, and socializing.

165 Adams St, Manchester, CT 06040 Phone: 860-791-8440

Elicit Brewing was converted from a paper mill into a restaurant in 1982. It was the Adams Mill Restaurant up until 2019 when it became Elicit Brewing. You can visit their website to learn more. CLICK HERE.

Ellicit Brewing, 165 Adams St Manchester CT 06042We are working out the details with Elicit Brewing and will have more information coming.

Five years ago we met at this location when it was still Adams Mill. It was a fun late afternoon/early evening get together of drinks, football, and food for those who were so inclined. There's no clocks. Arrive when you like, leave when you like.

A recent visit and tour of Elicit Brewing revealed an outstanding eating and socializing opportunity. It wasn't open for business at the time so we did not sample the food or the brews. The menu is linked here.

Check out the photos below.

Waffles & Chicken

Artisan Pizza