Schedule of Events

COVID-19 has put all plans on hold.

Event Schedule for Manchester High School Class of 1970 50th Reunion

Columbus Day Weekend 2020

Beginning Friday October 9 through Monday October 12

NOTE: This is in the process of being updated as of 2/25/2020.

Friday, October 9

Shea's American Bar & Grill - 6:00 PM

103 Tolland Tpke. Manchester, CT 06042 Phone: 860-432-8658

Informal get together. We will have our own room. No charge. Everyone pays their own bill. Arrive anytime from 6:00PM on. The room we will be in is up one flight of stairs with no other access. This is not the room we had originally scheduled to be in but due to construction it is a last minute change.

Shea's is located at what some will remember as the Acadia Restaurant. Shea's is well suited for an informal event and is across the street from one of our suggested hotels. Be safe, don't drink and drive. Stay across the street with many of us. Check the accommodations page for reservation information.

Shea's is a popular and very successful bar and entertainment venue. That's why people go there. The food is what might be called "bar food". Please visit our restaurant suggestions for dinner ideas.

Saturday, October 10

Manchester High School Cafeteria - 9:00 AM

Note: This is scheduled, the school has been contacted but they need to confirm that the cafeteria will not be used that morning. We won't know this for a few months. They can guarantee that we can have a tour. If necessary we'll come up with a Plan B for coffee and bagels.

Breakfast of Champions! The bell rings at 9:00 AM in the high school cafeteria: continental breakfast in the high school cafeteria followed by a tour of the high school. We will be given a tour of the high school by current students. The tour will begin at 10:30 AM.

This will be the "icebreaker" event to get people reaquainted and reconnected. Our plan is to seat ourselves in the cafeteria grouped by grammar school. Start the weekend having a light breakfast with classmates you shared the road of life with beginning long ago. Take the time to share some memories outside the formality of a dinner setting.

Hike Case Mountain Time TBD

A good time for this would likely be immediately following the MHS tour. A good way to work up an appetite for dinner.

8-Ball Pool Tournament 1:00 PM

World Championship Billliards 171 Spencer Street, Mancester, CT 06040 Phone: 860-647-1711

We will be hosting an 8-ball tournament again this time. It is going to be a single elimination tournament where in most cases you need luck to win and not just skill. Once eliminated we anticipate you can then play your friends for fun on other tables. The idea is to make this fun and not a serious competition. As a side note, those who recall the glory days of pool in Manchester you have to remember world champion Larry Lisciotti from Manchester. Larry passed away in 2004 but his twins run World Champion Billiards at 171 Spencer Street in Manchester. We'll meet there for an 8-ball shootout.

The Main Event: Manchester Country Club 6:00pm - 11:00p

305 S Main St, Manchester, CT 06040 Phone: 860-646-0103

Reception begins at 6:00pm. Buffet style dinner beginning about 7:00pm.

Music will be unique this year. We considered the options of band, dj, and playlists composed by classmates. We have opted for the playlists by classmates. However, we will have a short set of live music provided by Sirkka Johnson, Phil Spillane, Ray Simpson, and Jared Stansfield. More details to come.

Sunday, October 11

Breakfast Club Anytime/Anywhere: meet up with classmates for breakfast on your schedule. We have listed a number of local "breakfast joints" on a separate page. Everybody is on their own to group up with whomever you choose and eat wherever you want. Click here for our list of breakfast suggestions.

Golf Tournament 12:00 PM

Note: This is in the planning stage.

Manchester Country Club

Golf to be organized by John Odell. The deadline for signing up for this is October 5. We need 8 - 12 participants. Please contact John by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by his cell phone: 860-965-1688. Do it soon.

Historic Manchester 1:00 PM

Note: This is in the planning stage. See the article linked to get more information. We may have a difficult decision to make.

The Old Manchester Museum 126 Cedar St, Manchester, CT 06040

The Manchester Historical Society is hosting two public events beginning at 1:00 PM. They have offered to add a third just for us! Please read up on the details by clicking the title of this event. This could be very interesting and I'm sure most of us don't know our home town as well as we think we might.

Elicit Brewing Meetup

165 Adams Street, Manchester, CT 06040 Phone: 860-791-8440

Elicit Brewing will be our destination for this event of food, drink, socializing, and perhaps some football. When last we were there it was the Adam's Mill. A recent tour of the venue revealed a modern brew pub with what appears to be a creative and eclectic menu. It's an informal event from start to finish.  The idea would be to gather there anytime from 4:30 PM on but that is just a suggestion.  Perhaps plan in advance to meetup with others? This looks like a very good restaurant/brewery and we'll visit it again when it's open to check it out.

Monday, October 12

Breakfast Club Anytime/Anywhere: once again, meet up with classmates for breakfast on your schedule. We have listed a number of local "breakfast joints" on a separate page. Everybody is on their own to group up with whomever you choose and eat wherever you want. Click here for our list of breakfast suggestions.


Fall Foliage Bicycle Ride 10:00 AM

This will take place along the Hop River Bike Trail. It begins in Manchester at the intersection of Parker Street and Colonial Road. We'll ride this trail out to Bolton Notch and then return along the same route. Total mileage is about 13 miles. Easy and at a leisurely pace.

Shady Glen Lunch

Following our bike ride we'll pack up our bikes and go to Shady Glen for lunch. Last time we did this we ordered takeout and sat outside. Weather permitting we'll probably do this again. If you want to join us just for this be sure you are in touch with one of us so as to coordinate the timing of our arrival following our bike ride.

Unscheduled Events and Activities Suggested and Considered

Grammer School Meetups - we would like to organize meetups of grammer school classmates. We'll need a volunteer or point person for each grammer school.



If you think we've missed an opportunity then make a suggestion by clicking here.