Deceased Class Members

Deceased Class Members - 74 Members

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Classmates listed here are deceased.

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Andersons, Jekabs
Bentz, Stacy
Bilodeau, Ronald
Bixler, Paul
Blake, Charles
Bojarski, Rita
Campbell, Marcia
Chenard, Allen
Chevrette, Nancy
Clarke, Joseph
Cochran, Robert
Cockerham, Roy
Cordy, Kathleen
Didan, Kathleen
Dingwall, George
Donahue, Timothy
Downes, Olita
Dzielinski, Susan
Field, George
Garman, Seth
Gavis, Judy
Grish, Paul
Harvey, Daniel
Hultman, Karen
Jackson, Sandra
Jackston, Bob!/Obituary
Jenack, Bruce
Joseph, Carol
Joslin, Kent
Kanehl, JoAnn
Kivimae, Karl
Kodes, Donna
Larson, Vance
Lautenback, Mark
Leach, Patricia
Leitz, Wayne
Lewis, Richard
Marinelli, Anthony
McIntosh, Stephen
Miner, Nancy
Mott, Thomas
Mrosek, George
Naretto, Patricia
Negro, George
Nelson, Caren
Newcomb, John
O'Connor III, John
O'Meara Jr, James
Ogren, Carl
Osborne, Kenneth
Pashalis, James
Patten, Richard
Peck, Robert
Perry, Nancy
Peterman, Barney
Pospisil, Judy
Richloff, Paul
Robbins, Dale passed away June 5, 1996
Roberts, Gary
Ross, Susan
Santos, Alfred
Satterfield, Keith
Sault, Marsha
Scholtz, William
Smith Jr., Robert passed away Sept. 29, 1997 after an illness.
Soule, Jeffrey
Strickland, Richard
Swensson, Joseph
Thurnauer, Warren
Tyo, Deborah
Waite, Allen
Washburn, Nancy
Willette, Michael
Winot, Mary